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Why is social media important when it comes to blogging

Nothing causes more anxiety than the waiting, after publishing a blog post, to see if anyone likes it. And there’s nothing more deflating than the answer being ‘No’. However, it’s easy to confuse ‘not liking’, with ‘not knowing’. What if your blog post is actually really good and the problem is that no-one has seen it?
the importance of social media in blogging

Photo courtesy of mkhmarketing(CC Attribution)
Instead of sitting in the dark until someone just happens to stumble across your masterpiece (which could be a long, long time), why not present it to the world yourself by sharing it via social media?
Social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, are integral to the blogging mix. Bloggers who do not use social media are doing little more than keeping a diary, whereas those who leverage social media empower themselves to get their posts to the reader quickly and reach new readers in the process.
There are many many many different ways to connect with social media. If you have plenty of time on your hands and don’t mind doing things manually, surfing from login page to login page, pasting the url of your blog post into the update box and writing a short intro for the benefit of your followers, then that’s certainly one way to do it. For those of you who would prefer to speed the process up (a lot), there are software providers that do this.
My favourite is Spokal. Spokal has an auto-schedule calendar feature which automatically shares blog posts to social media, which means when you publish a new post you can rest assured it will be shared to all your social media pages and reach the maximum number of readers.To try a free trial of Spokal click here.