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Paying for blog posts in $USD? Are you spending more since the #Brexit vote?

If you’re paying for your blog posts in Dollars, you should hold an immediate review of your budget and suppliers.

In the aftermath of the EU Referendum, the value of the Pound is falling against the US Dollar, which means a price increase for the UK consumers.

If you’re one of the many UK businesses or agencies outsourcing your blog posts overseas you’re likely to be paying in Dollars.

The value of the Pound at time of writing is $1.32. This time last week it was $1.47.

Last week a $20 blog post would have cost £13.60. Today, the same post costs £15.20.

As a UK based business we’ve always charged in GBP, which means the price you pay doesn’t flinch.

To give us a try for £15, hit the button in the nav bar that says ORDER YOUR BLOG POST