It is recommended at least 2 blog posts per week to keep your blog fresh and visitors coming back.
Yes, we strongly recommend sharing your blog posts with as many people as possible.
Yes because our content will be indexed by Google and each blog post will get found for keywords, hence improving the visibility of your website.
Our recommendation is that the more high quality content you add to your blog on a regular basis, the better results you’ll see.
Of course, many of our clients rely on us solely to provide high quality content for their blog.
Once you’re completely happy and have approved your post it is sent straight to your Wordpress blog where it will appear as a draft.
We have a robust system to handle amendments to ensure your complete satisfaction. When your post is ready you’ll have an opportunity to approve it or request changes.
Yes, absolutely. If you need your post urgently, get in touch to discuss an alternative deadline.
All posts are guaranteed to be delivered within 7 days of ordering.
Yes you can. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.
We guarantee a minimum of 300 words per post. It’s unlikely your post will be exactly 300 words because our writers are instructed to bring their work to a natural conclusion.
Absolutely, you can order as many as you need. Our process requires that you order your posts 1 at a time, this is to ensure each post goes into our schedule in a timely manner.
We have a really easy online payment process which uses Paypal.