Who We Are

Alakazam is a community of creative people who specialise in writing blog posts. Each writer is specially chosen for the little bit of magic they bring, most have blogs of their own and all are university educated with a thorough understanding of the written word.

We have some especially gifted people amongst us, including a young writer fluent in Mandarin! So if you have any particularly unusual requirements, tell us about them and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Why choose us

There are a number of reasons we’d like you to consider using Alakazam to write your blog posts.

Cost effective

all posts charged at a flat rate of £19.99

Value for money

we have a minimum word count of 300 to ensure great value always – no maximum!


we have a maximum turnaround time of 7 days so you know your post will be completed the same week


all our content is unique, that’s a guarantee. And there’s not another site quite like Alakazam, so we’re unique too!

Who uses us

Our customers are businesses who want to supplement their blog with high quality content. From the one man band, to SMEs and web agencies, we deliver across the board.